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Fit and Finish

All of our dually fenders are made of fiberglass and produced by hand. We do everything humanly possible to match every OE spec (marker light openings, rear mounting flanges, splash shield holes etc). We make no claim that our hand made fiberglass dually fenders are "exact", "perfect", "bolt on bolt off" etc.

It should ALWAYS assumed that there will of a need for extra sanding, trimming and fitment when purchasing our fiberglass aftermarket dually fenders.

Not every dually fender repair / replacement should be considered "do-it-yourself" or, a "one man job". A technician experienced in working with aftermarket fiberglass automotive parts is highly recommended.


Note: Always install your fender prior to painting.

Below you will find some photos of the various stages of sanding and "fit" check we perform as part of our production process.